Top tips and tricks for shooting on location

Matt Bennett

Check out this handy professional advice for landscape shooters

Image copyright Mark Cargill
Image copyright Mark Cargill

Mark Cargill shares his advice for composing a winning landscape shot.

Plan Visit your location beforehand and take test shots to work out the best compositions. If shooting seascapes, check tide levels.

Get up early, stay out late Be disciplined and get on location at least an hour before you intend to shoot so that you can work out the best light.

Compose using a decent tripod If you’re serious about taking great images, think about how to support your camera. i’ve seen students with tripods less stable than a drunk on a cattle grid.

Use a cable release Buy a hard-wired option as you’ll be confident of getting that stunning, shake-free shot. this is perfect for long exposures.

Invest in filters Buy a 0.9ND grad and a six or ten-stop ND. This is a great place to start and will allow you to embrace a new world of long-exposure landscapes.

Go back Perseverance will be rewarded as each time you visit you become more familiar with your surroundings and will start to see compositions.

Use apps to help you Tides Near Me tells of low and high tides along with sunrise and sunset, while the Photographer’s Ephemeris helps plan outdoor shoots in natural light.

Experiment with aspect ratio Most of us tend to crop after the capture with the intention of improving a composition in the process. Why not actively shoot with a 1:1 or 16:9 ratio in mind?

Study other work By immersing yourself in inspiring imagery, you are building a memory bank of shots that will help you get better compositions.

Take a photography course You will learn more by taking a proper course and improve your technical and compositional skills in equal measure.

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