Top Tip for Portraits

Matt Bennett

Get the very best portrait results with this top focusing tip!


When shooting a portrait, it’s best to focus as close to the subject’s eyes as possible. If this means focusing and recomposing your shot, definitely do so.

This is particularly vital when using a shallow depth of field, resulting from a wide aperture like f2.8 or f1.4.

A tack sharp mouth, nose or ear, but slightly soft eyes, will always spoil a portrait.

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    • Ronald North

      Very good tip. I have a question: I have a recently purchased a Canon 600D, and would I be able to get a portrait shot something like this using either my 18-55 IS kit lens or my f1.8 50mm lens?

    • David Manser

      Definitely I have anEOS 60D and a 18-135 kit lens and the F1.8 50mm and the 50mm give excellent results for portraits sometimes you may need to manually focus but the 500mm is great for this type of picture.. good luck

    • I have a question. Who is the young lady in the portrait as I seem to be seeing her in loads of photo magazines lately. She’s beautiful!