Tips for photographing cars

Matt Bennett

We asked Neil James of Infinity Digital Imaging for his top three tips for taking great images of vehicles.

Car photography tips
Car photography tips

We asked Neil James of Infinity Digital Imaging for his top three tips for taking great images of vehicles.

Get the lighting right

Balance the lighting out, avoid over-lighting areas and hotspots and remember to fill in areas of shade, like wheel arches and air vents. lighting sets the mood of the shot, so take your time to get it right!

Be creative with your angles

To make your shots stand out, try shooting from different angles, such as just above ground level, and exploit vantage points that are available. Don’t forget that you can also move the car to take advantage of your shoot’s setting.

Don’t forget the interior

There are often many interesting design features inside the car, as well as the manufacturer’s logo and plenty of opportunity to get some interesting shots of other parts of the car.

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