4 ways to be a great photography assistant

Lauren Scott

Take a look at the four unspoken rules of assisting

4 ways to be a great photography assistant

One of the nest ways of entering the industry is by earning your stripes as an assistant photographer. It’s a way of learning from the best, developing your personal style and building your own confidence. Here are the four unspoken rules of assisting, and a way to make sure you make the best impression.

Be alert

Try to anticipate what the photographer will need before they actually do. By knowing their equipment inside-out you’ll be able to expertly assemble and safely store the gear. Never leave it unattended on a location shoot.

No self-promotion

When working for another photographer, it’s impolite and unprofessional to promote your own business. Aim for invisibility in order to avoid distracting the photographer and putting them off their game.

Be early

Double-check the time of the shoot well in advance and always be at least 15 minutes early to impress. It will speak volumes about your willingness to learn, as well as your professionalism. Always ensure you’re wearing the correct clothing for the occasion, too.

Be clear

Clarify your role on the shoot ahead of time, as this can vary. Never hit the shutter button without prior permission and if over-the-shoulder shooting is required, ensure you adapt your own style to suit the primary photographer’s.

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