Master Lightroom’s Tools

Rebecca Greig

Discover how to make this application work for you


1  Select and crop Head to the Develop module and select the image you would like to edit. Begin by using the Crop tool located just under the histogram to get rid of any unwanted and distracting elements.


2  Make basic adjustments Now make some basic edits to the entire image using the Basic panel. Move the Whites slider to -74, Blacks to -5, Shadows to +67 and finally Clarity to +14.


3  Add Graduated filters Next, select the Graduated filter tool, which is located on the same bar as the Crop tool. Here we wanted to make the central model stand out, so we dragged the filter down from both top corners.


4  Make adjustments With the Graduated filter areas selected, adjust the exposure down to -1.15 in order to darken these sections of the image, then move the Clarity slider to +35 and Contrast to +28.


5  Use the Adjustment brush Paint over the model in the centre of the image. With the Adjustment area selected, adjust the Clarity to +44, Saturation to +15, Exposure to +0,42 and Contrast to +20.


6  Preview and Export To get an idea of what your final image will look like, hit L once to darken the rest of the interface or hit it twice to completely isolate the image. If you’re happy, go back to the Library module and Export.

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