Creative sunset ideas

Peter Fenech

Sunsets are a firm favourite amongst photographers and for good reason

Creative sunset ideas

Sunsets are a firm favourite amongst photographers and for good reason. Saturated colour and stunning light make it difficult to produce an unattractive image. But with every photographer under the sun turning their cameras in the same direction, how can you create unique images. Here are three pro tips.

Make the most of flare

Whilst lens flare can be a photographer’s nightmare, it can also be a great creative tool. Shoot towards the sun for images flooded with warm light. Just make sure you don’t look directly at the sun and don’t leave your camera for long – damaged eyes and shutters are not wanted.

Creative sunset ideas

Find another angle

Try shooting from an unusual perspective to explore how light hits surfaces we don’t see everyday, such as back-lit flowers from below, light filtering through grass from a bugs point of view etc.

Creative sunset ideas

Find another subject

The key point is to avoid making the sun itself the subject of your images. We want to see how the light from the sun hits our world not a bright, overexposed ball of light. Find something to shoot in that light for images with more interest.

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