7 Landscape Photography Tips

Matt Bennett

Here’s a collection of simple pointers for stunning scenic shots.

Keep it simple

1. Keep it simple

Many of the most effective landscape images are very uncluttered. Many landscape photographers say that you should compose your images by going through a process of excluding as many elements as possible.

Work with water

2. Work with water

Blurring water with extreme ND filters has become a very popular technique, but sometimes it’s much more effective to retain some sense of the water’s patterns and shapes by sticking to a shutter speed closer to one second, rather than 30 seconds or more.


Shoot vertically

3. Shoot vertically

Landscape images don’t have to be captured in landscape format. Many scenes work better when a portrait format is employed, which often enables you to make better use of leading lines.

Capture reflections

4. Capture reflections

A reflection in water can transform an ordinary scene into something stunning. To capture reflections, you’ll need very still, calm conditions with virtually no breeze at all. Early mornings are often ideal.

Man made objects

5. Use man made objects

Although landscape photography is, predominantly, about capturing the natural world, boats, castles and other signs of ‘the hand of man’ can all make excellent compositional devices, particularly when the light is right.

Get down low

6. Get down low

Many of the best images are captured when you take the time and trouble to shoot from a less than comfortable angle. Many landscape photographers literally lie flat on their stomachs to compose and capture some of their images – however, articulated LCD screens have made this easier.

Chase the light

7. Chase the light

It might sound obvious, but the biggest tip of all for landscape photography is simply to chase the best possible light. Executing this isn’t as easy as it sounds though. Many of the best landscape photographers spend considerable time waiting for the right weather conditions, studying meteorological reports carefully in order to gauge the best time to shoot.

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