5 tips for black and white photography

Matt Bennett

Use these pointers to improve your monochrome images.

Black and white tips
Black and white tips

Tap into texture

Always keep an eye out for interesting surface textures when you’re shooting black-and-white images. Weathered wood is a good example, but you’ll find an endless supply if you explore the world of mono in macro.

Hiding in the shadows

Black-and-white shots are often at their best when they’re as much about what you can’t see as what you can. Including plenty of shadows can create a fitting mood and atmosphere.

Contrast control

Success when handling monochrome often owes much to your ability to judge and control contrast. Black and white can work well with stark, hard or soft contrast, but in every case it needs to suit the subject and the scene.

See in shapes

Pay close attention to the shape and forms present in your monochrome images. With colour taken away from the equation, these things will become much more noticeable and help to make or break your photos.

Play with patterns

Like texture and shape, patterns often become noticeable when you are shooting in black and white.

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