Fujifilm’s Spring lineup announced…


Fujifilm’s 2011 range delivers exceptional performance for everyone and every budget – New EXR-CMOS technology offers the highest possible dynamic range, resolution and speed

Fujifilm's Spring lineup announced…
Fujifilm will kick start 2011 with a major launch featuring a range of 16 new FinePix digital camera models covering nearly all market segments, from the truly professional to the rugged and multi-functional.

Star products of the new range include the highly anticipated professional grade compact camera (X100) a new all-in-one semi-pro model (HS20) high end compact models (F550 EXR and F500 EXR) a new rugged, GPS enabled camera (XP30) and a super slim, social media focused, style compact (Z90). Full details of all 16 new models can be found at: www.fujifilm.co.uk/presscentre.

The W3 stereoscopic 3D camera also continues as one of the star products in the 2011 range.

Unique technologies gives Fuji the finer image
A common feature on all the new Spring 2011 cameras is a series of Fujifilm proprietary technologies and bespoke, superb quality Fujinon lenses; the top models sport ½ inch EXR-CMOS sensors – and the X100, a full size APS-C sensor.

One of the most exciting developments in the range is the creation of a new hybrid EXR-CMOS sensor delivering extra fast, high quality results in a wide range of lighting conditions. The design of conventional CMOS sensors is such that the light has to pass through a layer of wiring before hitting the photo diodes. But the Back side illuminated BSI-CMOS configuration places this wiring layer behind the photo diodes improving light sensitivity and dramatically boosting results, particularly in low light.

Featuring Fujifilm’s EXR technology, which allows the unique flexibility to optimise the sensor’s performance for either maximum resolution, the widest dynamic range or exceptional signal to noise. Consumers can either manually select one of the three EXR modes, or can use the camera in EXR Auto mode, which will automatically decide upon the best performance for a particular shot.

In HR High Resolution mode, users can take advantage of the huge 16 megapixel resolution (the world’s largest for a sensor of this type) for truly breathtaking levels of detail and sharpness. The DR Dynamic Range mode uses dual image capture technology to provide a much extended dynamic range for stunning results on high contrast scenes. While SN High Sensitivity Low Noise mode increases doubles up on the pixels using Pixel Fusion technology to produce outstanding images in low lighting conditions.

Fujifilm’s EXR technology isn’t purely limited to the sensor, the system also features a newly developed triple core EXR processing engine, which speeds up processing time & boosts performance and picture quality on both still and moving images.

Photographers who like to point and shoot will also benefit from an expanded scene recognition function. In addition to nine subject-based scene scenarios, object recognition now delivers a total of 27 different scene scenarios.

The EXR processing engine also has the capability to spot and reduce purple colour fringing, most common on dark subjects against a light backgrounds, and improve the resolution at the corners of an image for more uniform image sharpness.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of the EXR engine, however, is the new Rich User Interface, which employs Flash and Vector fonts and graphics to dramatically improve the appearance of the menus on the cameras LCD screen – or via display to the same high quality on an HDTV, with connection via HDMI on some models.

GPS joins the range
Also new for 2011 is built-in GPS functionality – featured in the F550 EXR and XP30 models – which continues Fujifilm’s long history with the technology including launching the first optional GPS recording device on the DS-300 digital camera back in 1997.

In addition to displaying a location by longitude and latitude coordinates, the new Fuji GPS system has a number of useful facilities including tagging images with place names thanks to the embedded list of locations. A tag is also placed on the image which, when using place names, can easily be searched for, enabling shots to be quickly found of a specific location or point of interest.

Additional functionality is also provided by the Photo Navigation function, allowing users to find their way back to where a photo was taken. And for consumers wanting to re-trace their steps and map a route of their travels, the Route Logging function stores location data every 10 minutes* and, once the images are downloaded to a PC, a map of the route, along with the pictures taken along the way, is created using Google Maps.
* Anytime On or Only Power On must be selected for data to be logged.

Superstar new models for Spring 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100
This is without doubt, the most exciting model of the new Fujifilm range which is already being acknowledged as the answer to many professional photographers’ prayers: truly exceptional quality pictures from a compact camera.

The X100 has been designed to appeal to the millions of DSLR users who need a slim, back-up camera, for high quality, in-fill shots, when the use of a bigger SLR system is either inconvenient or impractical. Alternatively, it can be used as a professional’s only top-end camera, if size and versatility are the primary considerations.

In order to suit its role, the FinePix X100 has been designed without compromise, adopting the highest possible quality lens and sensor combination with a fixed, prime F2 lens, manufactured by Fujinon to perfectly match the full size 12.3 megapixel APS-C custom sensor. Fujifilm has also developed new technology for the X100 to ensure a unique user experience. This includes the first hybrid viewfinder, which combines an electronic viewfinder system and the window-type ‘bright frame’ optical viewfinder, normally found in high-end film cameras.
Launch date: Spring 2011. Target price TBC

FinePix HS20 – the ultimate all-in-one just got even better
As the latest addition to the Fujifilm range of bridge cameras, the HS20EXR represents the perfect picture taking solution, for photographers who want the specification and picture quality of an SLR, without the heavy camera bag and huge dent in their bank balance.

With a class-leading feature set that includes the new EXR CMOS sensor, a 30x optical zoom lens, high speed continuous shooting capability, improved user interface, versatile video functions and a 16 megapixel resolution, the HS20EXR sets new standards in bridge camera functionality and performance.

With a 30x zoom range covering focal lengths from 24-720mm (35mm equivalent), the FinePix HS20EXR really is ready for anything. Boasting high quality Fujinon optics, the mechanical zoom lens is now even easier to operate, thanks to a reduction in the size of the integral flashgun. Zooming through the range can be done quickly and precisely, to ensure perfect framing for every shot.
Launch date: April. Target Price: £399

FinePix F550 EXR – the perfect companion, for anywhere in the world

Packed with features and fully loaded with some of the latest technological innovations, the new Fujifilm FinePix F550EXR is the ideal premium compact camera for the discerning point-and-shoot photographer or SLR users who want to travel light, without compromising image quality. Plus, with the ability to shoot in RAW, this camera will appeal to the true enthusiast.

Despite having a body that measures just 22.9mm wide, this clever camera has a 15x optical zoom lens, which extends from a wide-angle setting of 24mm through to 360mm (35mm equivalent). This gives users a huge range of shooting options plus, image quality and sharpness is assured, thanks to the Fujinon lens and new triple core EXR processing engine.

The F550EXR is also one of Fujifilm’s first cameras to feature built-in GPS functionality. The FinePix F500EXR has virtually the same specification to the F550EXR, but does not feature GPS nor the RAW shooting facility, and it also has a reduced frame capture rate.

The F550 EXR is available in a stylish black finish with red highlights while the F500 EXR will be available in a choice of five stylish colours.
Launch date: March. Target Price £329 (F550), £279 (F500)

The FinePix Z90 – hi-style, super pictures & a touch of social networking!
The FinePix Z90 is a super-stylish member of the Spring 2011 range and is packed full of fun and easy-to-use features, while also capturing truly great pictures. Features include a new, innovative 3-inch LCD touch screen, a 14 megapixel sensor, a 5x Fujinon optical zoom, 720p HD movies and 1080p image capture, and an easy web upload facility for YouTube/Facebook.

The new and responsive touch screen not only lets you take and view photos at the touch of a finger, but it also provides a large, bright screen to playback and admire your photos.  Dual Direction GUI detects the orientation of the camera and automatically switches the direction of the menu buttons and current image while splitting the screen in various ways, to allow multiple images to be viewed at once.

At just 17.5mm thick and with its elegant design in a range of 6 colours the Z90 grabs all the attention with its sleek looks and cool vertical sliding lens barrier.
Launch date: End Jan. Target price: £149

FinePix XP30 with GPS – a world’s first for outdoor compacts
Fujifilm is raising the bar in the competitive outdoor compact camera sector by introducing the FinePix XP30: the world’s first water, shock, dust and freeze proof model to feature built-in GPS functionality.

So, the XP30 is:
·         Waterproof to 5 metres, perfect for underwater photography, for taking pictures in heavy rain or snow, or simply for running it under the tap when it gets dirty
•        Shockproof up to 1.5 metres, it’ll handle being dropped or knocked around in a rucksack
•        Dust/Sandproof, you can take it to the beach without having to worry about sand clogging it up
•        Freezeproof to –10°C, perfect for skiing, snowboarding or any other sub-zero activities

In addition to GPS and its rugged build quality, the camera also features an impressive zoom range, 14 megapixel resolution and a healthy range of picture taking functions. With a FinePix XP30 in their rucksack, outdoor photographers will be able take their pictures to new heights, without the steep price tag. With a riveted front panel and rounded body shape the XP30 features a smart two-tone design in a range of colours.
Launch date: End Jan. Target price: £199

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