Tyler Shields shares his portrait advice in Digital Photographer 142


Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields is interviewed in issue 142 of Digital Photographer. Discover his top tip for shooting portraits here and check out the magazine for the full interview!

Train Jump by Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields – photographer, filmmaker, videographer, novelist, ex vert-skater and even occasional reality TV star – is interviewed in issue 142 of Digital Photographer magazine. Surprisingly down-to-Earth considering he spends his days hanging out with Hollywood royalty, he shares his thoughts on his latest project Submerged, how he kick-started his career, how his work can polarise opinion and much more. Here’s Tyler’s top tip for capturing perfect portraits:

“At the end of the day when you take someone’s photo they have to trust you; they have to know you have their best interests at heart. When people trust you they feel comfortable and the comfort is what you try to capture.”

You can find out more about Tyler Shields, and see his work, at Imitate Modern gallery.

Read Tyler Shields’ interview in issue 142 of Digital Photographer, available in print and on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Image above, Train Jump by Tyler Shields, from the Suspense series, courtesy of Tyler Shields and Imitate Modern.

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