Guernsey Photography Festival – Full 2011 Program Announced

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The Guernsey Photography Festival is proud to announce its 2011 programme, which brings together major names in international photography with a host of emerging talent, for a packed month of exhibitions, workshops and events on the beautiful island of Guernsey.


Guernsey Photography Festival - Full 2011 Program Announced


“Guernsey Photography Festival, with its carefully thought through editorial focus  and superb production values, can become Europe’s most important event on the photo festivals calendar.”  Judah Passow   

Taking place from 1 – 30 June 2011, the festival presents exhibitions by Martin Parr (UK), Richard Billingham (UK), Samuel Fosso (Cameroon), Carolyn Drake (USA), Francesco Giusti (Italy), Adam Patterson (N.Ireland), Dana Popa (Romania), Nelli Palomäki (Finland) and a retrospective by influential ‘60s British documentary photographer Tony Ray-Jones. This year’s festival explores the theme of IDENTITY and will reveal a multitude of interpretations from personal to social and political. From Francesco Giusti’s Congolese dandies in colourful suits, to Carolyn Drake’s compelling documentation of the changing landscapes and communities of Central Asia’s ‘Paradise Rivers’, and Samuel Fosso and Nelli Palomäki’s striking takes on classic portraits, notions of self and place are presented in diverse contexts. Many of the participating photographers will visit Guernsey, with its unbeatable island setting, to take part in a series of talks. Offering more than 20 exhibitions and over 30 recreational and educational events, Guernsey 

Photography Festival has been made possible thanks to the second year of support from principal festival partners Generali Worldwide and PPF Partners, festival sponsors Cenkos and Mourant Ozannes, associate partner Guernsey Arts Commission and associate sponsor Deutsche Bank.  

Gavin Tradelius, Generali Worldwide, principal festival partner, says: “We are very proud to continue our support of the festival for a second year, the programme of events brings world renowned photographers to the island and offers the whole community a fantastic choice of  activities to participate in.”

Exhibition highlights include:    

Martin Parr 

Martin Parr will show work from his ongoing series Small World, which offers a biting satire on the homogenisation of worldwide tourism over the last three decades, through his larger than life observations of holidaymakers around the globe. This will be shown along with the work of one of his photographic inspirations, Tony Ray-Jones, whose black and white documentary photography surveyed the distinctive eccentricities of the British leisure classes of the 1960s with surreal humour, before his untimely death aged only 30. In association with Magnum Photo.  

 Richard Billingham  

Richard Billingham’s acclaimed and controversial portraits, Ray’s a Laugh, which depict an honest and searing account of his parents’ troubled home-life, will be presented together for the first time with new work portraying his own young family. Also shown will be a series of 

videos produced by the artist in the late 90s.  

 Samuel Fosso  

Samuel Fosso, one of Africa’s most eminent photographers, will exhibit his African Spirits and Tati series of self-portraits. African Spirits presents the artist inhabiting various icons of black identity, from cultural leaders to the civil rights movement, including Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, while the Tati series shows Fosso dressed up as fictionalised characters. Both reflect his ongoing experimentation with the techniques of portraiture and the self- empowerment and sense of beauty which their theatricality projects.   

Carolyn Drake  

The acclaimed American photographer presents Paradise Rivers, which follows the Amu and Syr Darya rivers of Central Asia from their source in the valleys of the Pamir and Tien Shan mountains, downstream across Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan to their dwindling ends, crossing into the lives of people and layers of history that they intersect along the way. Called the ‘Rivers of Paradise’ in early Islamic writings, the rivers have sustained life for forty thousand years. When Moscow’s rule ended in 1991, five new Central Asian nations appeared, burdened with plunging economies, artificial borders, and a growing ecological crisis. In association with Panos.  

Francesco Giusti  

Italian photographer Francesco Giusti presents his award-winning series, SAPE, colourful portraits of Congolese gentlemen dressed in brightly coloured, bespoke tailored suits. Each belongs to SAPE – the Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes – a membership who consider themselves artists and who are respected and admired by their local communities. Offering a touch of glamour to their humble environments, every weekend the members gather in bars and dancing halls to parade in the streets, in an expression of urban culture looking for new reference parameters and codes, such as non-violence and elegance.  

Nelli Palomäki 

Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki conveys the magic of portraits from the past through her exploration of classic black-and-white portraiture. She will show recent works, which present children revealing behaviors mirroring the ones of adults.

Adam Patterson and Dana Popa  

An exhibition of two emerging photographic talents, who each return to their respective homelands of Northern Ireland and Romania, in an exploration of place and identity following an extended absence. Most recently spending six weeks covering the Chilean miners rescue, Adam Patterson was given a special mention at this year’s World Press Photo awards for smuggling a camera to trapped Chilean miner Edison Pena, who photographed conditions while trapped underground. In association with Foto8.    

Tim Andrews Project: Over the Hill  

Following his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease, Tim Andrews answered a small advert in Time Out and was photographed in the nude for a portrait project. Filled with a sense of creativity and liberation, Andrews has spent the last three years sitting for portraits by 128 photographers including Rankin and Harry Borden. 

Jocelyn Allen  

Jocelyn Allen is just 23 and completed her degree in 2010, the year in which she won the Guernsey Photography Festival competition. She was also selected as one of thirteen artists to represent the UK in the 2011 International Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean. For the festival, Jocelyn Allen presents One Is Not Like The Other, a project commissioned by Guernsey Photography Festival, as part of her competition prize. Here, Jocelyn explores the theme of identity by looking at her closest relatives, whose clothes, mannerisms and poses she imitates and presents as sets of double portraits, i.e., herself and grandfather. 

Many local photographers and organisations will also contribute in giving a true insight of what constitutes the IDENTITY of a small island. Festival founder and director Jean-Christophe Godet says: “Thanks to continued support and commitment from our sponsors, Guernsey Photography Festival is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most promising and high calibre festivals in Europe, capturing the imagination of islanders and international visitors alike. This year we expect in excess of 20,000 visitors, attracted by the opportunity to see exhibitions from world famous photographers, attend major talks and events, and experience all this throughout the month of June in the beautiful surroundings of Guernsey.” 

As part of the education and community program, the festival will also host exhibitions, films and a range of activities put on in association with local organisations, photographers, and schools. Highlights will include the results of an ongoing series of photography workshops with inmates at the island’s mixed sex prison and collaborations with the Blind Association and Alzheimer’s Society. Many exhibitions will be staged outdoors, in locations including the main square of St Peter Port, the bus terminal and airport, together offering a high impact visual feast, which visitors will be able to follow throughout the town. 

Exhibitions are free of charge and open to everyone. 


For a full schedule and extra information visit: www.guernseyphotographyfestival.com

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