Top tip for shooting Interiors


Check out this weeks top tip for shooting stunning interior shots

Interior of St Peter's Basilica
Interior of St Peter's Basilica

Natural Lighting

Where possible, work with the natural light that is available inside. You can up the ISO to allow for faster shutter speeds so that you can open up your aperture to get as much light in as possible. Use windows as a feature, or to one side to illuminate something within your image.

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    • Upping the ISO is a last resort. Always prefer a tripod first. It keeps the DoF large and maintains the quality of the delivered image as well as opening the door to the HDR version, which works well with architecture.

    • tog

      How on earth is this a tip?

      This is photography 101, not even that, it’s so basic that if you don’t know about this, you should go back to using P on your camera.

      Come on DPhotographer, you’re better than this!

    • Julie

      Hello, Can you tell me what the iso, ap. and shutter was set to for this pic please? Thank you, and I love the pic

    • Hayley Paterek

      Hi Tog – Digital Photographer Magazine is aimed at pro and enthusiast level photographers, however, our website caters to everyone including beginners. The tips won’t always appeal to everyones needs, however, we will try to ensure they vary every other week. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Hi Julie – Glad you like the photograph, this image was taken on a Nikon D80 with a 28-80mm lens at 28mm and 1/60sec, f4.5, ISO 1250 🙂

    • I think upping the ISO is a valid thing to do as many cameras higher iso capabilities create much less noise than in the past its still there of course but a noiesy picture is much better than a blured one.

      I assume the shafts of light are photoshoped (dodge tool?) as the walls get brighter behind them which is not how they look in reality.

      Really nice interior sot though 🙂