Top 10 indoor photography projects for a rainy day


From creating a reflector to light painting to stop motion animation we list the top 10 projects to keep you shooting whatever the weather

Home studio set up1. Set up a home studio

When the weather is too wet to venture outside with your camera, set up your own studio at home. Use plain-coloured paper or patterned wallpaper for an interesting studio background and set up some basic flashlights.

2. Indoor Portraits

Set up and start shooting some interior portraits for your portfolio. Whether you photograph family members, friends or yourself make sure there is enough light to get a great exposure. Sit by a window to make use of the softer natural light or use a controlled flash setup in your home studio.

3. Stock Photography

Take this opportunity to begin building your stock library, whether it’s to shoot more images or start the application process. Stock photography is a great way to earn extra money from your photos.

4. Still Life

Use your home studio to get some great still-life shots. Or if you don’t have an available flash or strobe light, try using a sheet of greaseproof paper and tape it to a brightly lit window, this can work as your background. The paper will soften the natural daylight and give you a plain professional-looking background for your still-life images.Paint in water

5. Abstract splash

If you have an old fish tank, fill it with water and set your camera to Burst mode. As you drop your object in hold down the shutter to capture all of the action and detail. Think creatively, this doesn’t just have to be just fruit, try using liquids that are heavier than water to get some unusual abstract shapes.

6. Rain drops

Don’t be afraid to shoot through a wet window, the raindrops and condensation can add texture and depth to an image making it much more visually interesting. Use a small aperture around f11 and try focusing the camera on the raindrops so the background scene is only very softly out of focus.

7. Light Painting

Get creative with your light source and consider using a small LED key ring or a torch to paint light onto your subject. Remember to ensure you use a longer shutter speed and that the room is completely blacked out so that the camera can pick up on just the one light source.

Shoes on a dark background

8. Create a Reflector

If you don’t already have a handy reflector you can always make one. It won’t be as transportable as a shop brought reflector that folds down but will work just as well for home or studio use. Simply get a large piFront cover Digital Photographerece of cardboard and cover it in tinfoil or bright white paper. Remember the more reflective the surface the harder and brighter the reflected light will be.

9. Stop Motion Animation

Make stills come to life and create a cool stop-motion video. Children’s toys are always great subject matters for this and will make the movie fun for all the family. Simply set your camera up on a tripod and take your first shot of the scene, now move your subjects slightly and take another keep going with this process until you have built up enough frames to create a short movie.

10. Get Inspired

Pick up a copy of Digital Photographer, sit and enjoy! The perfect source for some photographic inspiration.



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