Top 3 tips for photographing kids


Capture natural shots of your kids following our top 3 recommended tips!


children under an umbrella
Kids at play

To help you prepare for all the family gatherings during the festive season, we’ve put together three of our top tips to help you photograph the kids.

 1. Vantage point

Getting down to the child’s level is ideal for most portraits, but by shooting down from a higher vantage point you can emphasise the smallness of their stature, reinforce the connotation of innocence and increase the ‘ah’ factor.

 2. Child’s play

Even the most patient of toddlers won’t want to sit still for long, so try following them around. Not only will you get a glimpse into their world but this will make for more natural shots, especially when they start to relish in their new-found freedom.

 3. Group fun

Shooting children in groups increases the opportunities to be experimental. Get them to interact by holding hands, rubbing noses, playing a game, running towards the camera – anything that unleashes their personality! The expressions and characteristics will explode out of the frame. Expose for the faces and using autofocus, lock on to one of the cheeky grins for sharpness.

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