Top 3 rainy day photo projects


Get some great inspiration for your next rainy day photo project. We’ll get you started with 3 fantastic ideas

Droplets of coloured water
Capture water droplets

Don’t put your camera away because of a downpour. There are still plenty of great photo projects you can embrace when there’s wet weather. Check out out top 3 photo project ideas below to help get you started…

1. Photograph water droplets

To capture great water droplets, you’ll need a good macro lens.  Work beside the kitchen sink and partially fill a fish tank or glass bowl with water. You can now set your camera up on a tripod and select a fast shutter speed of around 1/200+sec. Turn the tap just enough to make it drip and manually focus on the point where the drop hits the water. Remember to get in close here as you want to fill the entire frame for more impressive macro results. You can even try placing some brightly coloured card around the edges of the bowl to get interesting colour effects. Use a speedlight flash and hold a white reflector above it to bouce the light back down onto your subject, freezing any motion.

2. Indoor portraits

Use the wet weather as an excuse to practice your indoor lighting techniques. Set yourself the challenge of taking a well-exposed indoor portrait. Find a clear uncluttered location to shoot that is preferably near a well-lit window. You can use a diffuser against the glass if the light appears a little too strong. On the other side of your model, place a reflector or large white piece of card. This will help bounce the light from the window back into the model’s face and dispel any unwanted shadows. Alternatively, place your model directly infront of the window and use your flash to fill-in and illuminte your model. This is a great way to get soft blown out backgrounds.

3. Get organised

A rainy day is the perfect time to do all the ‘admin’ you’ve been putting off. There are plenty of software programmes out there that can help you get your photos organised. Be sure to do some online research first and test out the trial versions before you commit to buy. Most programmes enable you to tag and keyword your captures so that they’re easier to search for later. Once you finished editing through shoots, ensure you’ve backed up all your images on an extrenal harddrive. This is also a great time to update any blogs or websites with current work. Remember that marketting is key to getting recognised within the industry.

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    • john

      Water droplets are the slowest for this type of shot. A much faster shot is balloon bursting , water filled or dry. Either video or sound triggering ,