Leica X1 Review – Sneak Preview


Ahead of the full Leica X1 review in Digital Photographer, view preview images from the new ‘mini Leica M9’ with the DSLR sensor

Shooting fashion with the Leica X1: some test shots from the Leica X1, ahead of my full review in Digital Photographer.

Yet again I have the privilege of testing another beautifully engineered Leica this month: this time it’s the small-but-perfectly formed X1 – the world’s one and only compact to be officially approved by Getty Images.

It looks and handles just like a miniaturised M9, with all of the controls you need right at your fingertips. The innovative analog-style dials you use to set the shutter speed and aperture make shooting with the X1 an incredibly simple affair. If you want to just get on with the business of taking pictures, without worrying about the technial side of things, you can set both dials to A (Auto) instead.

It’s light but robust, quick and quiet in use and boasts some excellent features – not least a superb fixed 35mm (equivalent) f2.8 lens and a DSLR-sized sensor. The results the X1 produces are nothing short of excellent: clean, crisp, wonderfully detailed with natural colours, and imbued with that ubiquitous Leica quality that’s difficult to describe, but always easy to identify on sight.

To give you an idea of what I mean, take a look at the photos from a shoot I did yesterday. Be sure to check out our upcoming 100th issue – on sale 9th September – for my full review and further test shots!

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