Pentax Q – Hands on preview

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We were lucky enough to try out the worlds smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera. The Pentax Q.

Today we were lucky enough to get our hands on the all-new Q. Pentax’s introduction in to the compact system camera market.

Pentax Q – Hands on preview

This camera comes with an impressive range of features, some of which you’d be surprised to find on anything that isn’t a DSLR. These features include:

Full HD video
25 different scene modes
Artistic filters
Shake and dust reduction
Raw capability
ISO 125-6400

However, nothing can prepare you for the size of this thing. It is currently the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera in the world, but even that statement doesn’t do the size justice. We couldn’t believe it wasn’t a toy camera, let alone that all of these features were packed in to this tiny, super stylish body.

Pentax Q – Hands on preview

The camera itself is very easy to use, and will be at home amongst beginners and advanced users alike. There is a top mounted mode dial, as well as another dial for changing settings. The ‘Quick Dial’ on the front of the camera is fully customisable to allow switching between your favourite settings quick and easy. Taking photos is a breeze, and the images look great.

This camera is perfect as an extremely compact second camera, or for anyone stepping up from a compact.

The Q will come with a 47mm f1.9 prime lens in a single lens package, or with the 28-80mm lens in a double lens set.

3 other lenses will be released along with the camera
– 17.5mm Fisheye

– 35mm ‘Toy’ wide angle
– 100mm ‘Toy’ telephoto
These ‘Toy’ lenses are designed for creativity and fun. They will have a fixed aperture with manual focus, and are going to be relatively inexpensive.

The Pentax Q will be available in a single lens kit for £599, or £729 in the double lens set.

For more information, visit the Pentax Website.

A couple of photos to emphasise the size of the Q!

Pentax Q – Hands on preview

Pentax Q – Hands on preview

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    • Steve Hallam

      Looks interesting, but the price…

      I have an Olympus XZ-1 (non-interchangeable lens of course) and I think it’s a better option as a second camera for a DSLR owner.

    • Troy Park

      Hi Steve,

      I have only used the XZ1 for a small amount of time, so i cannot comment too well. It was a great camera, but i think the sheer size of the Q will be a huge selling point for many.

    • Howard

      This camera is way to small for me and probably many other folks. It costs to much to put in my pockets anyway. I’ll stick with my Oly PL2 & Panny 20 mm combo. Wow a tiny hand camera.