Panasonic GX800 and FZ82 announced


A new addition to the GX line-up and more from Panasonic

Joining bigger brothers GX8 and GX80, the new GX800 is an entry-level model that effectively replaces the GF series of cameras. It has a 16MP sensor without a low pass filter, 4K 30/25p video and a screen that flips up 180 degrees for selfies. It comes with 4K photo, enabling you to extract stills, and you can use Post Focus to change the focus point after you’ve taken the shot. Focus Stacking will let you merge several shots that have different focus points to increase sharpness across the image. It also comes with Wi-Fi for transferring your shots.

It will be priced under £500 and is due at the end of January.

Lumix CSC 4K
The GX800 comes in four different colours, black, tan, orange and black and silver.

Also announced is the FZ82 for £329, out in March. This is a bridge camera with an f2.8-5.9 60x zoom lens that reaches from a wide 20mm to 1200mm. It has an 18.1MP sensor, a 1170k-dot equivalent EVF and a new 1040k-dot touch screen. You can shoot in Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes, it will shoot 10fps in Single AF mode, or 5fps in continuous focus mode, and it’s also capable of 1cm (wide) Macro shooting. This also has 4K video, 4K Photo that produces 8MP stills, Post Focus and Focus Stacking.

Panasonic Bridge camera

The new 12-60mm f2.8-4 Leica lens is also now unveiled to be due in mid-February. It is splash dust and freeze-proof, matte black, and this can also come bundled with the GH5 as a kit option.

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