Can bad weather equal great images?

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Matt Bennett

Do you keep on shooting when it’s cold and wet or do you pack your camera away?

Can bad weather equal great images?
Can bad weather equal great images?

Right now, the weather in the UK is terrible – and that’s putting it mildly.

This leaves photographers much more limited in terms of the kind of photos they can get out and take – and that’s if they even try to get outside and get snapping.

Of course, this is very much a case of ‘each to their own’ and it’s certainly not for one person to tell another that they are wrong to keep themselves – and their camera – in the warm and dry.

Likewise, if you feel confident to venture out when the weather’s bad with your expensive kit in tow, that’s your business!! We’ve actually spoken to photographers who favour bad weather, believing that they can better shots in those conditions.

We’d like to know what you tend to do. Have you taken great images in bad weather? If so, when, where and how?  When the weatherman says it’s raining, do you change your photography plan and wait for conditions to improve?

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    • The snowy weather has served me well this weekend, I had a shoot planned with a band yesterday morning and they wanted to have something different and looking slightly surreal/dreamlike. We only ventured to a local park but the snow was falling so thick and fast that it made for really interesting photos, instead of just four blokes standing in a field 🙂

    • There have been many many times when I’ve set off into The Lake District to capture an early morning shot, camerea, ND grads and enthusiam in hand, only to have been battered by gusting winds and icy rain. Even the mildest of drizzle is enough to put me off now due to the constant wiping of the filters/lense. So many times has the weather beaten me back home.
      The setting up of grad filters, manually focusing using Liveview etc in bad weather is god awful. I’ve decided to not try it again and to await until the nicer weather to capture landscape shots 😉 Roll on the summer!!