Score Photography hits and misses with new app

Lauren Scott

Check out the brand new rating app that’s available free on the iPhone and Apple Watch now


Just A Score is our brand new app that lets you score whatever you want and is available free on the iPhone and Apple Watch now!

Seen a photoshop fail? Perhaps you’ve discovered a new shooting technique that’s revolutionised your style? Score anything from your favourite camera or the coolest shooting location to the best things about being a pro photographer.

Just A Score is a simple app that lets you score things, and follow others who do too.

Check out the app and find out what we have scored already. Do you agree with our scores? Score them for yourself then add and share things we haven’t scored yet.

What score would you give the Canon 5DS? Do you rate the importance of megapixels? Love black and white landscapes? Score it with Just A Score now and share it with us.

Download the app here and get involved!

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