DJI Phantom 3 launched

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Philippa Grafton

The DJI Phantom 3 has been released, making aerial photography even more accessible and affordable

DJI has announced the launch of a new UAV, the Phantom 3, with the company claiming that this new release will make aerial imaging as intuitive and accessible as smartphone photography. This latest iteration of the Phantom series is another building block in the company’s most popular and affordable range of UAVs.

DJI Phantom 3 launched
The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

Like its predecessor, the Phantom 2 Vision+, the Phantom 3 features an in-built camera, but the latest iteration’s optics are much improved. While typical drone photographs are traditionally hugely distorted with dull tones that bleed into one another, the Phantom 3 features a larger sensor for better dynamic range and a 20mm 94-degree field of view lens (35mm equivalent) for true-to-life images. The camera is stabilised on three axis with the in-build gimbal head, and it’s possible to shoot 12MP images in both JPEG and RAW.

The platform itself has also been upgraded, with a more robust design and an improved motor for better acceleration and deceleration, a new battery that lasts a total flight time of 23 minutes, and an enhanced GPS-based stability for higher precision when flying.

Flight accuracy is the name of the game for this new release, and the Phantom 3 uses DJI’s unique VPS (visual positioning system) to stabilise hovering, even in inclement weather, including ultrasonic sensors and a downward-facing camera. This camera system hunts for a marker, such as a tree, and ensures that this marker remains in position, adjusting its flight as necessary.


DJI Phantom 3 launched
Michael Parry and Jodie Kidd with the Phantom 3 Professional

Despite such an extensive range of expert features, the Phantom 3 is aimed at a broad range of users, and DJI boast about its ease of use straight out of the box. Michael Parry, global PR manager for the company, referred to the new release as “setting a new benchmark for creative aerial photography.”

The launch event was host to several key speakers, including The Helicopter Girls’ very own Emma Boswell, who called for women to join the UAV industry as pilots, engineers and researchers. She referred to the Amelia Dronehart Facebook page, which provides support and assistance for women in, or looking into joining, the market. Supermodel and presenter Jodie Kidd also attended the event, enthusing about the ease of use of the Phantom series, stating that it’s “so simple… unbelievably simple” to get to grips with.


DJI Phantom 3 launched
The Phantom 3 series

There are two types of Phantom 3 available; the Phantom 3 Advanced, which is capable of recording at resolutions of up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, and the Phantom 3 Professional, which shoot in 4K at up to 30 frames per second. The Advanced will retail at £899 / $999, while the Professional will sell at £1,159 / $1,259. For more information and sample videos, visit DJI Global’s website.


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