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Rebecca Greig

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We’ve packed this latest issue with lots of essential tips, tricks and advice that will help you take your photography to the next level. Learn key skills for outdoor portraits with our in-depth cover feature and refine your workflow and perfect your pictures with our step-by-step tips and tricks.

©Eduard Francés
©Eduard Francés

In issue 175 we have interviewed professional street photographer Eduard Francés who reveals the secrets behind his compelling reportage images of daily life. Born in Xativa (Valencia) in Spain, Eduard Francés is a self-taught photographer who started taking photos in 1987. He says that his goal is “to take a photo which has a life of its own in black and white.” He says that the streets are his favourite place to take photos, “where I try to catch with my eyes other people’s life and show it to my audience.”

Our pro column this issue was written by Laura Jane Dale, a talented photojournalist, and we’ve interviewed skilled commercial and editorial photographer Jay Mawson. There is also an in-depth feature on capturing vivid vistas – learn to use light, location and pro techniques for colourful landscapes.

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Digital Photographer 175 Key skills for outdoor portraits

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