Digital Photographer Website closure

Peter Fenech

Digital Photographer moves to Digital Camera World

Dear reader,
You may have noticed that the Digital Photographer website and gallery hasn’t been updated for a little while. I’m writing to let you know that we’ve taken the decision to close the site down. Don’t worry: it’s just the website, not the magazine itself! Indeed, the magazine, and its email newsletter and social channels will all be continuing.
From now on though, our online home will be the hugely successful www.digitalcameraworld.com. It’s a fantastic resource for photographers of all abilities, filled with reviews, buying guides, news, tutorials and much more.
If you have any images on the site, then please back them up now, as we’ll be redirecting to Digital Camera World from in the next week or so. In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions, please email us at team@dphotographer.co.uk – otherwise, we look forward to seeing you over at Digital Camera World!
Kind regards,
Matt Bennett
Digital Photographer Website closure
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