Digital Photographer Issue 198 is now on sale!

Peter Fenech

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Digital Photographer Issue 198 is now on sale!





















Issue 198 of DP is now available, providing your monthly dose of top photography tips, techniques advice and reviews. This issue we have a revealing interview with expert astrophotographer Chris Baker, who describes the complex process he uses to create his stunning shots of deep space objects. Then you can delve into our in-depth guide to mastering colour control, so you can improve your technique and produce your best ever digital images. Next up, learn the expert art of posing your subject, for professional level portrait shots. We guide you through all of the essentials, from directing both female and male subjects, to using environment for context and depth. Considering upgrading your camera? Hold off on that until you read our feature on getting more from your dSLR or CSC, where we discuss all of the most under-used features of an advanced digital camera. You may find there is a tool sitting in your model’s menu that can help you create your most creative and unique photos, in ways you’ve never considered. Plus we have all of your favourite shooting and editing tutorials. Take a look at our guide to shooting a natural light still life image, recreating the look of fine art paintings. It’s far easier than you might think!

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