Old Truman Brewery showcases enormous photography book

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Winners of travel photography competition on display at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.

Old Truman Brewery showcases enormous photography book

Last night the unveiling of one of the largest photobooks in the world was showcased in the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. Measuring a colossal 20ft x near 14ft the Bookzilla is full of 80 awe inspiring images taken from all over the world.  The competition set a few months previously, aim was to get one image from each country in the world. Over a staggering 30,000 entries were submitted to the competition however only six winners – one per continent were selected. These images took pride of place in the book and were printed to an enormous size on a full single page.

Selecting from such a vast number of entries is no easy job as judge Annabelle Williams informs everyone. “I’ve been in the industry 25 years. There were 30,000 entries which is just Phenomenal. I’ve judged a lot of competitions in my life and I have to say hand on heart this is the hardest competition I have ever judged. At one stage I begged please can we have more winners as I cannot cut any of these fantastic images out!”

Amongst the winners we managed to grab aside Liz Charman, who with her stunning image ‘Beautiful but deadly.’ taken in Rotorua New Zealand, Champagne Pools, won under the Oceania category. Liz has a great passion for photography and in her spare time takes it up as a hobby. She tells us “I was in NZ for three weeks where I took this shot. When I found out I had won I gob smacked to be honest. I didn’t except to win at all so I was really chuffed.”

Short listed in the competition and featuring in the book was DP reader and regular chatter on the forum Chris Robinson (www.4colourprogress.com). Chris took his photograph in Tokyo from the park hotel 35th floor using the HDR technique. Chris tells us “I’m waiting for the HDR category to open for the DPOTY awards! I’m not sure if I’ll win but I’ll give it a pop!” As for being short listed as one of the 80 images for the book Chris was highly excited and honoured to be featured. “When I found out my image was going to be in the book, my face lit up! I was very very excited and its my first photography competition I’ve entered as well!”

Well done to all the winners.

Old Truman Brewery showcases enormous photography book

DP reader Chris Robinson and DP Staff Writer Claire Gillo view Chris’ HDR Tokyo image.

Old Truman Brewery showcases enormous photography book

Liz Charman stands next to her winning image taken in Rotorua New Zealand.

Old Truman Brewery showcases enormous photography book

Rob Wicks from Bristol wins the Europe catagory with his image ‘Fisherman at work.’

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