New Photography Clothing From Stealth Gear!


Get into Gear With New Photography Clothing From Stealth Gear

Get into Gear With New Photography Clothing From Stealth Gear!

New Photography Clothing From Stealth Gear!
Stealth Gear, the UK’s leading provider of dedicated photography clothing, is in the process of launching three brand new products to add to their ever growing portfolio of products.

The Extreme Photographers Jacket Vest, Extreme Photographers Smock and Extreme Photographers Trousers are the brand new additions to their catalogue of products especially designed for photographers and bird watchers. Because of their forest green colours, they are made to blend in well with nature surroundings to keep you well camouflaged and capture the best photographs possible.

Releasing in May 2010, the Extreme Photographers Jacket Vest promises to be extremely versatile and an all-rounder in terms of its functionality. It has taken some of the better features from the original Extreme Photographers Jacket and Extreme Photographers Vest and combined them all to create the ultimate jacket.

Some of the new and exciting features on the new jacket include two expandable lens pockets with removable anti-shock padding, conveniently positioned so that they allow backpack straps to go behind the pockets to keep the backpack steady. It also features zip-off arms to turn it into a summer vest during those hot summer months, padding added to the shoulders with anti slip camera grips on both sides and a detachable wired peak hood. It comes with a detachable light shade hood and an insect repellent face mesh to keep those pesky pests at bay! With an RRP of £229.99, this sturdy jacket is made from 100 per cent polyester which is DuPont Teflon treated to repel dirt, water and other unwanted stains.

The Extreme Photographers Smock is an ideal jacket for when you are out walking with your camera and the lens keeps bouncing against your chest, creating an uncomfortable journey. With Stealth Gear’s new smock, this is a thing of the past! It features a large pocket with anti-shock padding at the front which allows you to place a camera with a lens or binoculars mounted in the pocket while you walk. The pocket also has removable padding to protect the lens and is floating to again, allow the straps of your backpack to go behind the pocket to keep it steady. The Smock’s RRP is £199.99 and will be available to buy from May – just in time for the summer season!

Finally the Extreme Photographers Trousers are perfect for photographers who like to crouch down low to capture their subjects, but do not want to get their knees and bottoms wet and dirty. The trousers feature four accessory pockets ideal to carry valuables in, one dual CF memory card holder, two press stud small lens or accessory side pockets and two bellowed press stud accessory rear pockets.

Extremely stylish and practical the new photographers’ trousers are modelled on the original ones with added features and benefits, such as the high quality waterproof outer shell, two accessory loops on the side to attach pouches and removable internal gaiters to avoid unwanted wind and leaves coming through. The trousers also feature removable knee pads to avoid discomfort when getting down low to photograph your subjects. With an RRP of £89.99 and releasing in May, these innovative trousers are versatile and suitable for activities in any kind of weather.

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About Stealth Gear
If you are looking for professional outdoor photography clothing and accessories that can match your experiences as a photographer or outdoor enthusiast then look no further. Stealth Gear products are carefully designed by photographers for photographers. The firm is totally committed to delivering quality and will cut no corners to achieve their goal.  They achieve this by working with the best suppliers, the most outstanding materials and by having our products challenged and tested under the most demanding conditions by professional photographers. With all this in mind they are confident they are able to achieve the very highest standards in fit, functionality and durability.

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